Capacity Building on ICCPR

Support national NGO Partners in the preparation and submission of Reports and provide trainings on the provisions of the ICCPR and the HR Committee's reporting process...more

Engagement with the Human Rights Committee

The Centre for Civil and Political promotes the NGO engagement with the Human Rights Committee in the State Reporting Process. It ensures that all NGOs are in a position to engage with the Human Rights Committee and follow its work...more

Promoting Implementation of the ICCPR

The Centre for Civil and Political Rights supports Civil Society in its advocacy on implementation of the Recommendations of the Human Rights Committee. It develops with its national partners an ongoing constructive dialogue with the State Party and monitor the ICCPR implementation...more


The Centre for Civil and Political Rights focuses on research and analysis of the Committee's jurisprudence, the capacity building of the national NGOs and follow-up on the implementation of the decisions....more

Latest state reports

  • Iraq Iraq (5th Periodic Cycle) E
  • Costa Rica Costa Rica (6th Periodic Cycle) S
  • Greece Greece (2nd Periodic Cycle) E
  • Ecuador Ecuador (6th Periodic Cycle)
  • Croatia Croatia (3rd Periodic Cycle) E
  • Israel Israel (4th Periodic Cycle) E

Latest concluding observations from the human rights committee

  • Japan Japan (6th Periodic Cycle)
  • Sudan Sudan (4th Periodic Cycle) E
  • Malawi Malawi (Initial Cycle) E
  • Chile Chile (6th Periodic Cycle) S
  • Georgia Georgia (4th Periodic Cycle) E
  • Japan Japan (6th Periodic Cycle) E
  • Ireland Ireland (4th Periodic Cycle) E